Thursday, 18 December 2008

Story during the Training

This is actual story during my training in Cikarang for 4 weeks.
First week,
That week was very difficult because all teachers spoke English no Indonesia language and you had to speak English in everywhere exclude in your cabin.
You know what; they all spoke very fast and I couldn't follow them and many strange vocabulary I heard. Sometimes I laughed when my friends laughed however I didn't know what they were laughing for. And the teachers gave us many homeworks.
I shocked in that week, 'Give up' sometimes emerged in my head but I prayed and It made me strong. 'Go forward' replaced in my head after I prayed. Every day I slept at 12.00 and woke up at 4.00 am to study.
Friday was the day I was waiting for because I could go home and enjoyed 2 days holiday.

The second week,
I was still inconfidence because all of my friends had good at English and there was one of my friends has lived in USA for 14 years, and he dominated our class.
And we faced our first quiz in that week. Something special in this week that I got PIN (warning letter that required me to improve my work quality). and you know what!; I had to do many homeworks in two days during my holiday (Saturday and Sunday).

The third week,
I began enjoy my class because we got the guest lecture, they taught us about what we will do, the condition on Board, the carrier, the facilities, the ashore, and of course the sex (uh...uhhh this is still taboo in Indonesia but not on board). Something made me interest that we could work with many nationality and you can be Officer in one contract (the salary increase 3 times) if you have good performance. And something made me afraid that 25% of crew were Gay, and 50% of the passengers were Gay too. There were crew girl but usually from western and the western girl has sex just for fun so if you are making love(relatives) with them, don't use your heart. there were Asian girl too but they usually looking for western man.
And you know what!; they give you condom with no pay (gratis).

The forth week,
We all were waiting for that week , Thursday and Friday were the final writen exam and final interview exam. Every night we have learnt, try to review all the lesson from the first week until the last week. And after we have finished all we had to perform something to our teachers and all classes in there (attached).

That is the end of my story during training in Cikarang. If GOD permits, I will go on board at January.
So see you in my next stories on abroad.


hengki said...

translate pliz...
jos.. ati2 yah.. jaga diri.. jgn mabuk2 takut dikerjain sm gay2 itu...

Mardiana said...

test komen lagi ah.. tulisan yg sblmnya (hengki) tulisan gw juga lho jos.. -nana-

josua said...

Yes you're right. We can not drank there. You can rape by women or men. I hope I am still virgin when i come to Indonesia.

Yesse said...

the gay part must be quite a shock to you..
just take care yourself..
but if good times come, let yourself enjoy it...hahaha...maybe you can get a nice western woman or petite asian woman...(just kidding Jos)